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Classic 22inch Red Egg Type Ceramic Kamado Grill MCD2200G

  • 22inch Kamado MCD2200G
  • 22.4"*27.4"/57*69.5CM
  • 697 Sq in / 1771cm²
  • SS304 / φ18.7”/ 47.5cm
  • 88KG/104KG

Classic 22inch red ceramic kamado grill

We have available color like black, red, green, blue, gray etc. Other color can be also tailor made according to Pantone code. 

Most modern kamado grills are made from ceramics. The use of ceramics has many advantages over other materials, mainly the excellent heat retention. Ceramic grills can retain heat for long periods of time, making them extremely versatile as they can be used for grilling, smoking, and baking. Kamados can reach consistent temperatures as low as 225° F and as high as 750°+ F. Using the vent system, precise control of airflow can be maintained, allowing kamados to function much like wood-fired ovens and they can be used to roast or bake anything. The use of modern ceramics also ensures that kamados seldom crack, which was a common fault in the original Japanese design. 

Top vent is powder coated aluminum. 

Stainless steel square stand

Two tier cooking grids




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