Our products are mainly ceramic kamado grills and accessories. Kamado bbq includes sizes of 12inch, 15inch, 18inch, 22inch, 24inch, 27inch, 29inch and 35inch. Accessories includes ceramic like pizza stones, chicken sitter, stainless steel like cooking grids, grid expander, ash collecting box, pizza peel, electric charcoal starter etc, cast iron accessories like cast iron cooking grates, griddles, wok etc.

  • Q Do you provide OEM and ODM service?

    A Yes. We can make your own brand name on product.
  • Q How long it takes to make new model of kamado sample?

    A Within 30 days.
  • Q How long is the delivery for one container?

    A Usually it takes around 25-35 days.
  • Q What is your advantages of producing kamado with other factories?

    A Our kiln is auto controlled by computer with +-3 degree in temperature difference which result in stability in ceramic as well as glaze. Quality is over 98% good. We have our own molding engineer and can deliver new sample or your own design in quickest way.
  • Q How do you ensure the delivery with consistent quality?

    A From raw materials receipt to finished product random check, we have quality system in place for each production step. Machine work is applied to ensure quality in consistence.
  • Q What is your capacity per year for ceramic kamado grills?

    A Our annual output is 30,000 sets of kamado. Our factory is 20,000 sqm with 100 workers.
  • Q When is your factory established?

    A Our factory is established in 2016 but our team has experience in kamado production for 15 years.


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