Our products are mainly ceramic kamado grills and accessories. Kamado bbq includes sizes of 12inch, 15inch, 18inch, 22inch, 24inch, 27inch, 29inch and 35inch. Accessories includes ceramic like pizza stones, chicken sitter, stainless steel like cooking grids, grid expander, ash collecting box, pizza peel, electric charcoal starter etc, cast iron accessories like cast iron cooking grates, griddles, wok etc.


Slurry Mixing in Ball Mill for ceramic kamado materials

Different ceramic raw materials are fully mixed in the ball mill and water is extracted to form the ceramic slurry.


Ceramic kamado body forming by hand and by machine

Our workers of hand forming has experience more than 5 years and quality is ensured by standard molds. The machine forming can be faster in production for big qty orders.


Ceramic kamado body formed and trimmed

Body formed in mold and take out for trimming with very careful check on each kamado


Kamado Bisque firing in auto controlled kiln

Our computer controlled big kiln can have only 3 degrees of temperature difference which makes the kamado quality consistent and 99% of qualified products.


Ceramic kamado body formed and trimmed

Each fired kamado is checked and well cleaned before glazing.


Kamado glazing

Glazing worker spray glaze evenly on each kamado.


Glazed kamado firing

With this advanced kiln, our kamado glaze is shinier and steadier in quality.


Kamado quality check before assembling

Each ceramic body is carefully checked on ceramic part and glaze. Defected kamado is replaced in time to delivery perfect kamado to buyers.


Kamado assembling

With this advanced kiln, our kamado glaze is shinier and steadier in quality.


Quality check and packing

Quality check on each again and well packed in honeycomb cartons which is stronger than others.



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