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Black 22inch top quality kamado bbq grill MCD-2200J

  • 22inch Kamado MCD2200J

  • 22.4"*27.4"/57*69.5CM

  • 697 Sq in / 1771cm²

  • SS304 / φ18.7”/ 47.5cm

  • 95kg/108kg


22inch kamado of elegant iron stand. 

Outdoor Charcoal BBQ Grill Features

The 2.5 cm thick ceramic wall has a tremendous heat storage capability, which absorbs heat for hours, distributed evenly over the wall and gives the interior.Together with the air-tight lid, the grill with very little fuel - usually 50% less than conventional grills - reach temperatures between 50 ° and 800 ° F. In addition, the dome shape creates a Warmesog as in standard ovens, which can be controlled via the vent holes on the ground and in the gusseiserneren Esse. This is very easy to regulate the temperature inside. So you can not just normal grill with the ceramic grill on the grate, but also slow cook for hours (Slow Cooking), bread, pizza and bake like or - with the addition of flavoring wood chips - incense (smoking). A thermometer on the lid always shows the temperature inside, thus facilitating the heat control.

Material and form of clear Charcoal BBQ Grill also keep the humidity inside, so grilling itself does not dry out in hours Long cooking processes and very juicy on the table. Of course, you can always cook also with opened lid Rostbratel or sausages on the large,1600cm² grill surface. But not only the use of the Ceramic Barbecue is a breeze, the cleaning goes like by itself, because the ceramic grill is self-cleaning. It's heated up easily after use to 350 ° C, soot, grease and food particles burn out without trace inside.


This kamado bbq grill has flexible cooking system added. And you can make indrect and direct cooking at the same time during bbq. We have available accessories needed for flexible cooking like halfmoon heat deflector, pizza stone, ash tool, grid gripper etc. 



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