Yixing MCD Oven Co., Ltd was established in 2016 in Yixing city-ceramic capital of China, a place with thousand years of history in ceramics and full of ceramic masters. The president, Mr. Shao Chundie’s father started production of kamado ceramic part more than a decade ago and Mr. Shao was aware of kamado since he was a kid. With deep knowledge in this industry, we now can provide not only OEM service but also ODM and OBM. 

1, Top vent
2, Temperature gauge
3, Ceramic Lid
4, Ring for lid
5, Lid handle
6, Halfmoon heat deflector
7, Halfmoon heat deflector
8, Flexible cooking grids
9, Cast iron charcoal grate
10, Ceramic Firebox
11, Hinge system
12, Ceramic body ring
13, Sideshelf support
14,Side shelves
15,Bottom Vent
16, Iron Stand
17, Cross for stand
18, Stand wheels
19, Stand wheel with brake
20,Rain cover
21, Ash tool


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