What is Kamado

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A kamado is a ceramic made charcoal bbq grill. The word kamado in Japanese means stove. And the kamado style stove actually started from China over 3000 years ago.

A device made from a clay pot with a removable lid in Japan was called a mushikamado. This cooker was fueled by charcoal.

After second world war, the kamado was introduced to America by American soldiers. With improvements made, this charcoal grill became known as a kamado.

Most modern kamados are made from ceramics. Big green egg is the earliest and most well-known brand of kamado in the world. This brand helped the U.S. market more widely know kamado and make this kamado more and more accepted and used in U.S. backyard. Then there are more and more kamado brands like kamadojoe, vision grill, primo etc.

With the more and more popular of ceramic kamado, some kamados are even made from iron, aluminum and stainless steel.

There are many advantages of ceramic kamado. The biggest one is its heat retention. A kamado can be cooked for as long as 15 hrs due to its heat retention and charcoal efficiency. You can leave it smoking for all night without any trouble. Also, a kamado is a multi-function grill which can offer you grilling, searing, smoking, baking etc. Food cooked in kamado is especially juicy and tendency.

Maybe you still worry about that the ceramic made kamado can be cracked during the burning. With the modern technology of ceramics, it can endure extreme heat and coldness. Tests are even made that cold water was pouring to the charcoal burning kamado but no crack at all. The 1.2inch thick ceramic makes the heat inside well insulated. The combination of top vent and bottom vent makes the air flow easy to control the temperature. And temperature inside can be maintained at constant level.


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