Watering on burning kamado-How to choose kamado

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How to choose kamado

Usually, kamado should avoid water, epecially when a kamado is burning. 

To test and prove our kamado is high quality, we had a kamado full of charcoal and light it for burning till the degree reached 730 degree which is quite high temperature for a cooking grill. 

Till then, we pouring cold water on the kamado surface for continuing 15 seconds. No crack!

After than, water was even poured into the burning charcoal and all over the inside of kamado! Again, no crack!

This is mainly because we use new ceramic ingredients to produce our kamado. And this ceramic is highly endured by high temperature. No worry about quality or crack!

Below is video of watering test on kamado. Enjoy!

1,light charcoal 2 temperature testing 2-1 burnign kamado
3 water on surface 4.water inside kamado 6.after water kamado


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