Let the kamado grill by itself- Automatic BBQ Control by Mobile App

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This is the next generation of bbq grilling! With the help of this automatic control device, the kamado now can grill by itself!

New product are now under devlopment and it works! From now on, you can cook on kamado grill without check the temperature and food cooking from time to time. Your mobile keep monitoring and adjusting the cook temperature for your bbq cooking. 

From your mobile app, you can setup the cooking temperature, cooking time for different kinds of food to be grilled. And the kamado then will cook it by self! With this device, you can just watch tv, have fun or doing work at home while the kamado is still cooking for you. And enjoy your food when the mobile reminds you. 

You can be the grill master with the help aumatic control device. It's never been so easy to grill on kamado!

Pls contact us for more information if interested. 

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