How is a kamado made

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A kamado is a ceramic bbq grill which has great advantages compared with gas and electric grills. The kamado is all-in-one bbq cooker,smoker,griller and oven. What the most impressive part of this grill is its heat retain and food moisture retain. The flavor of its smoking by high quality charcoal is just unbeatable.

Kamado in China is mainly originated from Yixing,China, where the world-famous Zisha Teapot is made. Yixing has a 4000-year history in ceramics and the teapot and ceramic industry is one of the main economic industry in this place.

Here you have a flow chart of kamado making in Yixing mainly. Some parts are a bit different, but most of the procedures are shared by kamado factories in China.

Kamado making flowchart: Clay Mixing--Plastic Forming--Drying--Plain Firing--Glazing--Glazed Firing--Hole Cutting--Assembling--Carton Packing--Delivery

 kamado production process

The quality of the kamado is actually much depending on the ceramics which is made by hand or machine. It needs highly skills and experience in making the right heat resistant ceramics. With our 15-year in kamado ceramic making, our quality is proved through all those years. Much sweat spent and research work and tests are done to complete this process and achieve what our capability is now. We make every detail proved to be truly correct so that consumers can enjoy the kamado bbq with family and friends.

If you would like to more about kamado making, please kindly check the website at about us page which has the video of our latest production process.


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