Ceramic Chicken Stand (M size)

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Main Features

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· SAFETY AND HEALTHY- durable and hygienic, it can withstand high temperature fine and free from heat producing toxins

· SIZE-Bottom dia 5 in, upper dia 2.5 in and height 4 in,prefect for a 6-8 lb chicken

· STRONG AND STABLE BASE-Wide opening at the top along with 4 steam ports along the lip and the unglazed bottom sits directly on a grill, wide base won't tip over

· GENEROUS INTERIOR CAPACITY-Fill the stand with the liquid of your choice, beer, marinade, juice, etc, set a whole chicken onto the stand, steam from the liquid makes the meat moist

· CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE-Ceramic glazed inside and out for easy dishwasher clean-up without needing to scrub it. Just soak it for a bit in warm soapy water, and it came clean without having to scrub


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