Cast Iron Grill Chimney Top Vent for Kamado

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  • EASY CONTROL TEMPS—Cast iron material, can withstand 700 ~ 950 ℃ temperature, good sealing guarantee a short time to reach the ideal oven temperature, Food cooked faster.

  • Humanized design—Rotate the valve, the open valve after the food is baked, the furnace temperature will be reduced, and then open the oven to prevent too much water vapor. Handle design can easily pick up, not too hot.

  • Fit for—Big green egg daisy wheel inside diameter of this cap is about 5 and 9/16 inches,fit medium,large and xlarge Big Green Egg, Egg Chimney and other ovens. This chimney cap is an absolute must have for anyone who likes to grill/smoke/bake on your Big Green Egg

  • Instructions—Remove the big green egg metal top from the box, gently pick up the cast iron cap and put it in the neck of the oven, rotate it around, the oven cap and the oven neck. After the installation is complete, rotate the crown of the cast iron cap to ensure that it can be used normally. Basic completion can be used normally.

  • Warning——Cast iron cap cast iron material weight: 1.2kg, please gently and take care of your child



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