Our products are mainly ceramic kamado grills and accessories.

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Yixing MCD Oven Co., Ltd was established in 2016 in Yixing city-ceramic capital of China, a place with thousand years of history in ceramics and full of ceramic masters. The president, Mr. Shao Chundie’s father started production of kamado ceramic part more than a decade ago and Mr. Shao was aware of kamado since he was a kid. With deep knowledge in this industry, we now can provide not only OEM service but also ODM and OBM.

Some facts of our company:

Workers: 100.

Factory Area: 20 000 sqm

Kiln lines: 2

Annual capacity: 30 000 pcs.



Our products are mainly ceramic kamado grills and accessories. Kamado bbq includes sizes of 12inch, 15inch, 18inch, 22inch, 24inch, 27inch, 29inch and 35inch. Accessories includes ceramic like pizza stones, chicken sitter, stainless steel like cooking grids, grid expander, ash collecting box, pizza peel, electric charcoal starter etc, cast iron accessories like cast iron cooking grates, griddles, wok etc.


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