How to use kamado (smoker)?

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A kamado is a charcoal grill but made from ceramics. The history of kamado dates back to 3000 years ago in Asia. 

It’s a versatile bbq grill that you can use not only for grilling but also for baking, or long slow smoking ( smoker ). Kamado grills are great at holding heat and smoke inside which has an incredible impact on the food’s flavor.  The kamado use lump charcoal for cook. 

Top chefs love ceramic charcoal bbq like this because they’re able to reach a phenomenal 399C – brilliant for searing steaks – and the amazing insulation properties of ceramic means the charcoal will stay hot for up to ten hours. And that makes them perfect for searing, baking, smoking, long and slow-roasting. 

But the question is how does the kamado work? 

First of all, let's take a look at the structure of kamado grill.

kamado component

Basicly, the kamado grill is fueled by lump charcoal on fire grate in the firebox. It provides heat engergy to food which is cooked on the stainless steel cooking grids. The airflow goes from bottom vent to top vent. And the grill thermometer on the ceramic dome can show you the inside cooking temperature. The ash from burned charcoal will drop through the whole in teh fire grate and you can use an ash tool to get out of the ash from bottom.It is easy to clean the kamado grill as you can burn it for a while it can clean it by itself. And it just need very little effort for maintenance. 

By adjusting the bottom vent and top vent to control the airflow, you get high temperature for searing as well as the low temperature for long and slow cooking like over 12 hrs. 

And how to setup the kamado for cooking

The kamado bbq cooker can be used as direct cooking and indirect cooking.

By direct cooking, you can use put the food directly on the cooking grids. 

direct cooking

By setting up the heat deflector, you can make indirect cooking to avoid food burned. 

indirect cooking

Now that you know how the kamado works, you can practice more and enjoy your cooking! 


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